Having an issue with trying to connect to a server using kubernetes on Linux

Anyone familiar with Debain/Kubernetes? Not specifically related to GitLab, although I am hosting a project on there that would be deployed using GitLab. Just not sure where else to turn, really struggling trying to figure out what the issue is.

I’m trying to switch server hosts to something that will allow me to scale up/down based on demand. Right now I just have X servers always online.

I found Agones, an open source auto scaler for Kubernetes, but I’m having issues with trying to follow their tutorial. I’ve got the node/pod running, but I cannot connect to it using netcat like their example

I don’t know much about linux overall, and first time using Kubernetes, so not sure what the issue could be/how to resolve it. Haven’t found much on Google for it so far

This cluster is being hosted on Linode. My nc call does this and freezes with no other data returned:

nc -v -u 7744 ( open