Having pipeline run on delay on mirrored repo


I have a project in gitlab that is set to mirror a repo in github

When I make a commit to the repo in github, I have two webhooks in github that trigger:

  • The first is a hook to force gitlab to sync the commit to the mirrored repo without waiting 5m for it to update
  • The second is a hook to trigger the pipeline associated with the project

The issue I am having currently is even when the sync webhook runs first, Gitlab doesn’t update before the pipeline is triggered, thus forcing me to either run the pipeline manually, or else make another commit, basically meaning the pipeline is always one commit behind the actual gitlab repo.

Is there a way to have the pipeline wait for Gitlab to reflect the update?
If not, what could be a possible solution?

Many thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Gitlab has a mirror function so that as soon as commits to gitlab are made it will automatically push to github or wherever. I think that would be a better option than doing it with those hooks. The mirror pushes are pretty much immediate at least when I used it.