HCL Notes link in Board entries not working correctly

Hi community,
in route of creating a new issue in GitLab board (‘Issue Board’), there is text area below the Title textbox, where it should be able to add markdown formatted text.
In this textbox I’d like to add a link to my HCL Notes document, where the issue is tracked.
Normally it should work somehow like this: [Notes](Notes://lorem/ipsum/someDoc).
The preview of this link looks right and is also working.
So, save the changes…
Now the link is displayed correctly (blue text), but when I hover it, the cursor is changed to that vertical bar text editing thingy, but to a index finger as expected for a link.
A click on that link leads to nothing.

I already tested to add it as a plain link ‘Notes://lorem/ipsum/someDoc’, which doesn’t work either.
The ‘N’ of 'Notes is excluded from the link, so the link can’t work.
Obviously only 4 letters are expected as a protocol name (like: http).

If you add that markdown-styled link in the comment section it works.
Is this a bug?
Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,