Health check error: No HOST or PORT

I’m getting this error in job.

Starting service mariadb:10.3 ...
Pulling docker image mariadb:10.3 ...
Using docker image sha256:xxx for mariadb:10.3 ...
Waiting for services to be up and running...

*** WARNING: Service runner-a20592ff-project-11-concurrent-0-mariadb-0 probably didn't start properly.

Health check error:
exit code 1

Health check container logs:
2018-10-03T12:46:41.576526942Z No HOST or PORT

Service container logs:
2018-10-03T12:46:41.302706055Z Initializing database


It’s same error for all services in all jobs.
Gitlab and runner version is 11.3.1

I have nothing special in .gitlab-ci.yml

- name: mariadb:10.3
  alias: db
  MYSQL_DATABASE: nsp_test

This was caused by network_mode option. I did remove option and it works fine. Maybe if I add docker network with same name it would also work.

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Glad you could figure it out, and thanks for coming back with an answer. The forum lives from this feedback :slight_smile:

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what if I don’t have network_mode in my config.toml?


Did you figure this out? Im running a shell executor on a remote macmini and the health-check gives me ‘Fatal: No Host or Port found’ and when i try to run the pipeline it says it couldnt resolve host: ‘

network_mode isnt documented as an option for shell, only runner.docker so I’m not sure how to even go about this.

Any advice or tips would be appreciated.