Helm chart integration with existing MinIO, Ingress, Registry and other services?

I just got started with GitLab and I am reviewing the docs on the Helm charts. So this is some general questions.

I have ingress-nginx already installed, as well as external-dns + cert-manager (issuers) integrated with Azure DNS (access via AAD Pod Identity). I was thinking of deploying my own MinIO Gateway for Azure Blob Storage (again access via AAD Pod Identity) and my own registry (ACR, access via kubelet identity, so all pods can AcrPull). I also wanted to explore KeyVault integration for secrets (haven’t gotten to this yet). Segue, I will do something similar with GitLab for GKE/EKS (right now just on AKS), all deployed using helmfile or terraform to automate common values across several helm charts.

How can I integrate my own components, instead of forked charts by GitLab? The part that I am interested especially in is the ingress, as I may swap ingress-nginx for another ingress or use Istio Gateway. What would using the integrated ingress-nginx buy us? Could I install this out separately, as I usually maintain cluster-wide add-ons in kube-addons namespace (just my preference).

PS - Off topic, but related, the forked ingress-nginx looks really interesting. Were there PRs submitted back to the original team? Were they receptive? Also, love that this GitLab uses RoR, soft spot for that project…