Helm Registry does not show new charts/packages


I have a issue with the helm package registry, it does not show new charts suddenly. I have a pipeline which creates and uploads charts, the jobs all finish OK, the files are present in the registry , but new charts do not show up on helm search repo ( yes, i did helm repo update ).

To double check i removed a chart manually from the registry( one that did show up in helm search ) and ran the old pipeline for it again, it was uploaded fine, but now that one is gone as well after a helm update.

I am at a loss on what to try. Is it an issue with gitlab itself ? I did nothing on the repo that would explain this.


Hello Adrian,
I second your issue.
That was totally fine but one the last weekend I noticed weird behaviour. It took aorung 3 hours to debug.

We’re using self hosted premium tier, verions:

 GitLab 14.1.2-ee

GitLab Shell 13.19.1

GitLab Workhorse v14.1.2

GitLab API v4

Ruby 2.7.2p137


PostgreSQL 12.6

Redis 6.0.14 

It would be great if someone could shed the light. I checked all the logs and nothing there.

So to summarize:

  1. Pushing new chart (tried both helm push plugin and curl)
  2. Check the new version within Gitlab UI (under packages section) and make sure it’s here
  3. helm repo update
  4. helm pull --untar repo_name/chart_name
  5. cat ./chart_name/Chart.yaml

That will give us old version (it picked up in a random way, I’ve got version of chart, the latest is 2.8.1)

thanks in advance,

P.S. if noone is able to help in the meantime, will raise a ticket to support.

@adrianmiron1983 please post your comment here, I’ve found the issue!
When using a project’s Helm registry feature, only the 20 OLDEST artifacts appear in the index.yaml file. This breaks functionality within other Helm tooling that expects an exhaustive list from this endpoint and has no idea of pagination. (i.e. ArgoCD/FluxCD)

I think we can consider it as closed :slight_smile: