Help configuring gitlab-workhorse and apache after upgrade

I inherited a GitLab 7.13 install on Ubuntu (no previous experience with GitLab). The entire server was in need of several updates and after an ‘apt-get upgrade’ GitLab was updated to 8.10 (and now it is at 8.11.3). In the process we can now not clone a repo (getting the ‘warning: You appear to have cloned an empty repository’ error) or download a file through the web interface (you download a zero length file). Every other thing I’ve run to check the install shows no errors or problems as far as I can tell (i.e. gitlab-rake gitlab:repo:check, gitlab-rake gitlab:check)

After reviewing the forums and various documentation I see that this is not an uncommon problem after the upgrade and that it is issues with the changes and introduction of gitlab-workhorse and how it proxys to apache.

I’ve found the page about how to config apache ( and understand most of what is going on there. But I can’t find anything good on how to configure gitlab-workhorse (just a bunch of forum posts of people posting what they did but not how they decided to configure it that way).

Can anyone point me in a more specific direction? I can upload some of the config files (gitlab.rb, apache.conf, etc if someone doesn’t mind taking a look and recommending some changes).

I ended up creating a new VM with the same version of Ubuntu and apache and installed a fresh copy of the latest gitlab to it and then working backwards in the config to find the issues. My issue is solved.