Help Importing Bare, Hashed Repository. Missing LFS and can't push wikis

As per this post, I’ve been trying to restore the contents of a dead gitlab server (Ubuntu), and I’ve had some success!. I’ve managed to get access to all the bare repos and can easily push most of them, but am having two major issues with some others:

  • Repos using LFS have been unable to find their LFS objects and therefore won’t push. I have the “lfsstore” directory from the server but cannot figure out how to link these to the repos, or how these are linked at all… this is slightly delicate because some of our most important repos use LFS a lot

  • Each bare repo under the “@hashed” seems to have a wiki associated(.wiki.git repo in the same folder as the .git dir), but these wikis appear to be empty and have no branches (main, master, etc) at all which means I can’t push them. Our wikis and Documents repos haven’t been used much and I wouldn’t be as worried about losing them, but I’d prefer to be able to push them up along with everything else.

My current process by which I am uploading the repos to our new server is to locate the .git repo with the project name under “fullpath” in the config file. Then I just add a new remote and push.

Another way I can see is this deprecated bare repo import task which seems to do what I’m trying to achieve, but the documentation is a little unclear and I haven’t been able to get the command to return anything but “nil” when pointed at a git repo. Perhaps this would be an even easier way to get this done if I could get past this hurdle?

I know this is a little broad, but I’d appreciate any guidance on these two issues. It’s the only thing preventing me from getting everything up and running again!