[Hiring/Help Wanted] - Gitlab Mentor for Covid 19 Vaccination Initiative

I am working on an initiative focused on improving the methods and tools county and local municipalities have to:

  1. target and accelerate covid-19 vaccinations within their communities
  2. ensuring equitable vaccine distribution by employing methodical, model-based methods versus the first-come/first-serve Hunger Games style we’ve seen so far
  3. reduce technical and process-oriented barriers to efficiently communicating with the public, especially in aging populations.

Gitlab has been extremely generous in providing our team complementary access to Gitlab Ultimate (SaaS). We’re in the process of migrating our repos from Github and want to learn more about how we can extend Gitlab beyond source control and CI/CD.

For example, we have several business processes that currently start with an email sent to a group of people - and then the workflow/hand-offs all take place in the email chain. It would be great if there was a way to get a structured request into Service Desk , i.e., a form that could be filled out which asks for specific information, which would in-turn create an issue in Gitlab that could be intelligently routed based on a predefined workflow.

Our commitment is to release our work back to the community using an open source model so other cities can take advantage of our work, lessons learned, etc. If this sounds like something you would like to be involved in, please feel free to DM hereor message me on Telegram.

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