Hosted gitlab runner does not correctly route to .well-known/openid-configuration

I am trying to add a Identity Provider in AWS IAM, but I am getting the error:

An error occurred
Your request has a problem. Please see the following details.
Please check .well-known/openid-configuration of provider: https://development.******.com is valid.

Our Gitlab is self hosted with Omnibus GitLab. When I add the url everything works fine and it can find Creating user-owned, group-owned, or instance-wide applications on Gitlab also don’t seem to help, and documentation seems to be lacking on using a self hosted gitlab runner as OpenID provider. So i’m hoping somebody here has experience with this.

  • Tried adding applications to Gitlab, hoped that would enable the route
  • Checked on the Gitlab to see if OpenID was enabled, it is
  • Looked into the source code, /.well-known/openid-configuration seems to be a route rather than a configuration
  • Trying to browse to the url manually returns a 404

Are there any steps that I should do extra to make .well-known/openid-configuration available?