How access fast to the view app deployed button in one click jobs via ci pipeline workflow


When i run workflow with 4 jobs build 1, test reports 2, perfs reports 3, deploy reports on gitlab page and set environment link test report job and perf report job,

For getting reports, i must click for get logs, click up right button for drop down for get the button acces for view app deployment, i click again to view app deployed and i must click again for get my report from deploy environment. i need 4 or 5 clicks for check view my report of my job,

With Merge Request, that seem better intelligent, you can click directly on the button for get deployed view app reports. i need only just one click to do that.

it is very unconfortable and time lost for the developper, for check easy and faster the result report test/perf build

Do you know one solution for acces directly to environment view app deployed from jobs ci like the Merge Request ?

I need shortcut custom button implement tag. or get last deployment environment in the workflow pipeline like did in MR in the pipeline workflow. it will be realy nice to have it.

Merge Request screen one click for view app

workflow pipeline

3 click to do
2 clicks more for get the report test

one time is may be ok, but all the time at each pipeline, that become annoying