How can I change the "parent" repository for a clone?

Currently, we have a repo where:

  • A/project is the parent repo (prod artifacts are built from this one, testers/QA accept merge requests from B/project for finished features)
  • B/project is a clone of A/project (engineers team-leads do whole-feature merging here)
  • C/project is a clone of B/project (devs build features here, there are actually many C_n/project repos, one each per team for n teams)

ie -> A/project -> B/project ->> C_n/project.

In the create merge request UI for C, B shows up is the target branch; when creating a merge request to get changes from B to A, A shows up in the dropdown for target branch etc.

I want to move B/project.

I want to change the relationship where I want to move B/project to B*/project, but maintain the parent/child relationship. IE, afterwards, I want this to be the case:

A/project -> B*/project ->> C_n/project.

How can I make this change in gitlab?

(I’d prefer not to have to delete all of the repos and recreate them manually with the clone feature. I’m hoping there’s a SQL edit I can make or something similar)