How can I check/validate my LDAP settings?

I have setup LDAP so that the following values exist in the file:

[root@ID-ATL-GIT-01 /]# vi ./var/opt/gitlab/gitlab-rails/etc/gitlab.yml

enabled: true
main: null
label: “LDAP”
host: “
port: 3268
uid: “sAMAccountName”
method: “plain”
bind_dn: “CN=git01 bind,OU=Service Accounts,OU=RAL,OU=Users,OU=mycorp,DC=mycorp,DC=com”
password: “XYZ”
active_directory: true
allow_username_or_email_login: false
block_auto_created_users: false
base: “OU=Users,OU=mycorp,DC=mycorp,DC=com”

I ran a gitlab reconfigure, but it does not appear to take my active directory creds. I looked through the log files under /var/log/gitlab and I could not find anything about the LDAP configuration or issues.

Any help if figuring this out would be greatly appreciated.