How can I generate a token for a gitlab-runner

:hugs: Hello to the community. I am currently learning gitlab ci/cd and I am using docker and kubernetes to deploy my app. Now I have setup a gitlab-runner in my docker-compose.yml because I had this error: “Could not resolve host: kubernetes.docker.internal”. I wanted now to register this runner, but I need for this an authentication token, like I have read in the docs. I have also read, that I must register this gitlab-runner in the gitlab ui and for this I clicked settings, then ci/cd and expanded there the point “runners”, where I should find the section: Set up a specific Runner manually. But I cannot find it, there is only a button: New Project Runner and a list of available runners. Is this section “Set up a specific Runner manually” perhaps only available in the admin area? I have read, that this area is not available on But I need this authentication-token for register my gitlab-runner, or not? When I a understood something wrong, please correct me. Thanks for help