How can I get together a dashboard view like the following?

I want to see, on a single page, all forks, plus a master or root repo, where I can see the items in play. Just a napkin-sketch prototype of what I’m looking to build or configure:


  1. See user clones and if they are ahead or behind of the root repo.
  2. See pull requests which are ready to merge.
  3. See changes which are not ready to be pulled.

I don’t care about the actual appearance, all I care about is seeing all the above information at a glance. Without all the pretty shapes, I currently plan to just make some static HTML pages to contain the above information, and will use the CI status urls provided to show the health of each clone. Then I will have some background worker service that will periodically poll the various git repos, find how much ahead and behind they are, and show the plus and minus counts. When you click on the +X or -X links, you would get to a list of the actual changesets, which would each be clickable, and would lead to the gitlab repo rev url.

Is anything like the above already partially in the product, or am I 100% on my own inventing this feature? Is there any add on or third party gitlab-aware tool anyone is aware of so I don’t have to build this from scratch?