How can I make my email free from being a secondary email of account I have no access to?

What happened:

  • I have created a gitlab account using email1
  • Started working with one company using this account. After some time the company asked me to change the primary email of the account to email2 due to some security reasons (which wasn’t a problem for me since this gitlab account contained only some test projects). So, email1 became the secondary email of this account
  • I finished my journey with the company and email2 with all the related accounts were deleted (including lastpass). On this stage the gitlab account associated with email2 and email1 is still active, but I cannot login to my gitlab account since email2 is deleted and the password for it (stored in lastpass) is inaccessible too
  • Now, I want to create a new account using email1, but I cannot because it’s a secondary email of another account and it looks like there’s no way in “making it free” (since I cannot login into the existing gitlab account)

Any ideas?


  • when I’m trying to create a new account using email1 it says that it’s already in use;
  • if I try to restore password for email1 it does nothing