How can I override the soft delete feature of a repository?

How do I override soft delete on a repository

This is impacting my development efforts especially since it defaults to 7 days. No one wants to wait 7 days for something to get deleted.

  • Is this a free tier limitation?
  • What are my options?

Hi @bornstellar and welcome to our forum!

I found this existing issue and am wondering if the discussion helps give insight into what you are describing? If so, please feel free to comment directly on the issue! That way our product team can see your use case!

Come back here and let me know how it goes! Talk soon!

Hey @bornstellar, just to add on to what @Linds mentioned, if you’re a user we can expedite the deletion of a project in a soft-deleted state. We’d just need you to submit a support ticket, so please do so if this situation applies to you.

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