(How) can I remove incomplete deployments from environment view?

I have multiple environments that are being deployed from my pipeline. The pipeline needs a successful build step and deploy step to deploy to an environment. The deploy step is activated manually.
When I click on Operate > Environments, I can look up which branch was last deployed on each environment.
However, under my environment “production”, I not only see the last successfully deployed branch, but a stopped one as well. This is marked as “waiting”, because after the successful build step I never manually started the deploy step for this pipeline (the build step was a test and I cannot run the deploy step without breaking production).

Now it seems I am forever stuck with this old incomplete pipeline in my environments view. It is a cosmetic issue only, but quite irritating.
I even tried deleting the regarding pipeline, with no effect.

Is there a way to get rid of it or will it stay as log as the environment exists?

I’m working on cloud GitLab Enterprise Edition 16.5.0.