How can I use CodeCov's Team Bot?

I’d like to use for checking code coverage on some projects. A key feature of Codecov is the team bot that uses the code host API to add comments on MRs with information about coverage. In order to do this on Gitlab, it needs an account for the team bot.

The trouble is, Gitlab of course won’t let me create a second account with the same email address. I don’t really want to administer another email address (possibly per-project) just for this. It’s not an issue on Github, they have some sort of app that does this without the need for an account.

Is it possible to use Codecov’s bot on Gitlab without creating new email addresses? Is there a better way to integrate it?

If you don’t have another address you can use for the bot account, maybe you can re-use an old one with plus addressing, e.g.