How can issues be removed *after* their project has been deleted?

When I created my gitlab account, a “learn-gitlab” project was automatically created with a set of pre-populated issues. After a while, I decided to delete that project in favor of reading documentation when I felt the need to. Deleting the project, though, has not removed the issue list from the “Issues” list. The list still exists, but the issues no longer link to anything. How can these issues be removed?


Issues belong to either projects or groups. If you deleted the project, then the project issues don’t exist. However, you’ll need to check the group that this project was under and remove the issues from the group. Project issues cannot remain that were inside the project assuming they don’t for some weird reason get moved elsewhere.

According to the group, the issues don’t exist. But in the group settings I see that the project has been marked as “pending deletion”. Maybe the issues will go away when it stops being pending.

The issues I am seeing look like this, currently:

md5i-projects/learn-gitlab-deleted-38054264#9 · created 6 months ago by Michael Duggan

Possibly yes, not something I’ve experienced personally, but I guess we’ll see soon enough.

Did it go away?

Yes, they eventually did.