How change helper_image setting for gitlab runner?

Base GitLab runner helper does not respect /etc/hosts, bu we need it (image is missing /etc/nsswitch.conf).
I have added setting helper_image = "megakrutak/gitlab-runner-helper" to config.toml (for docker executor)
But, this setting is not load and not apply automatically (I check it by specify an incorrect image name - ci is works as before).

name = “Android runner”
url = “
token = “xxx”
executor = “docker”
tls_verify = false
image = “openjdk:8-jdk”
privileged = true
disable_cache = true
shm_size = 0
extra_hosts = [“”]
helper_image = “megakrutak/gitlab-runner-helper”

GitLab version 10.2.2
Gitlab Runner version 9.4.2

How refresh this setting for runner or may be I need clear some cache?

Relevant (might offer solution):