How do I delete a project immediately?

I went to Settings->General–>Advanced and deleted a project. GitLab gave a message saying that the project has been ‘marked for deletion’ and will be deleted automatically on xxx date(about 2 weeks later).

As this project is consuming a lot of my storage space I do not want to wait till xxx date and would like to delete the project immediately. GitLab documentation says that if I repeat the same steps(for deletion) a second time, the project will get deleted immediately.

But how do I do that now that the project has been ‘marked for deletion’? It is not showing up in the list of projects or search results. There is a section in the projects lists titled ‘Pending Deletion’ but the project isn’t showing up there either.

I checked previous posts on the forum and it seems to me that this is a bug. Can someone confirm whether this is indeed a bug and if there is some workaround for this?