How do I disable JIRA links in my README file

How do I escape my so that gitlab+JIRA doesn’t try to add a JIRA link?

I have a problem in that anytime there are several uppercase letters followed by a dash and then some numbers, gitlab will convert that to a link to a JIRA issue. Even if it doesn’t relate to a JIRA issue.

For example “FOO-123-BAR” will cause a link to appear for “FOO-123”.

I understand the need and important of that for our merge requests, and even for a readme file that is referencing a JIRA identifier.

How do I escape the entry to prevent that from happening?

I am attempting to create a readme document for our “COPYRIGHT-3RD-PARTY.txt” file and it always turns “COPYRIGHT-3” into a JIRA link – which of course is wrong and makes the rendered screen look bad due to half the word being hyperlinked and the other half not (COPYRIGHT-3RD-PARTY.txt).

How can I escape my input so that the JIRA auto-link doesn’t happen? I’ve tried adding backslash in front of the dash but that doesn’t work.

If there isn’t escaping to achieve this, how and where would I raise this issue?

Any thoughts on this?