How do I estimate CI costs if I migrate my projects to GitLab?

Hi everyone!

I’m the new Sr. Open Source Program Manager. I run the GitLab for Open Source program and am helping open source organizations as they migrate over to GitLab :partying_face:

We’ve been getting questions from orgs that are migrating, and I’d like to share some of those Q&As here on the forum.

So without further ado, here’s the first one.

Estimating CI / CD costs


We’re using another CI tool and would like to evaluate moving to GitLab’s Gold product through the GitLab for Open Source program. How can I estimate my total costs?


As a rough estimate, you can look at the number of minutes that your pipelines took last month using the other CI tool and then compare that with GitLab. Our GitLab for Open Source program includes 50K CI minutes minutes per month, and most members fall within that window.

For those who run massive, non-stop pipelines, sometimes we see as much as $80/month in extra minutes, but rarely more than that. At the time of this post, additional CI minutes can be purchased for $8 per 1,000 minutes (for those interested, you can learn more more about purchasing additional CI minutes).

You can also run a private runner if you wish in order to contain any additional costs, but that means someone has to host something and manage it/upgrade it occasionally.

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