How do I figure out who my administrator is?

I am not the admin, but need to know who to contact to create a project

On or on a “self”-hosted GitLab?

You probably don’t need to talk to an administrator for something as simple as creating a project.

What happens when you try? Start by clicking the “+” next to the search field in the top bar.

Works, thank you!

I still need to know who the admin is. There are projects owned by people who are no longer with the company and I need to change the owner or copy/delete them.

Hey @jon156,

unfortunately, I think there currently is no way inside of GitLab to figure out who your instance’s admin is. This is definitely a missing feature in GitLab from my point if view, which is why I’ve just created an Issue on the GitLab project. Nevertheless, I have some options you can try to find your GitLab administrator:

  1. Default admin account
    Unlikely, but possible: Every GitLab instance has a default admin user named @root at the beginning. Search for this user, maybe contact details are stored there.
  2. Abuse report
    As a GitLab admin, you have the option to store an email address for Abuse reports. If a user reports an abuse, an email will be sent to this address. Therefore, my suggestion: Report an issue that you create specifically for this purpose as an abuse. In this report, you then write that you actually only need to contact the GitLab admin. This function is not intended for this purpose, but it might work.
  3. Support Page
    On a self-hosted instance, you can change the link to the support page. Maybe this has been done for you. Go to the question mark in the upper right corner and select “Support”. If you don’t get to a here, this support page was provided by your company. You may find help here.

I really hope you find your GitLab admin, as I know how annoying it is to not be able to do important work like this.


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If it’s self-hosted at your company or something, then contacting your IT Department/team might be a way of finding out who your Gitlab Admin is as well.

If it’s Gitlab SaaS then you might want to open a support ticket here: and choose the appropriate category.

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This was a great suggestion. Tried it. No response, so we have open a support ticket with gitlab to figure this out.

These are great ideas! In full disclosure of my ignorance. I am not sure if we are self hosted or not. How do figure that out.

Thanks for your feedback and in advance for any other suggestions forthcoming. I am a user of gitlab, not/never an administrator. Just trying to get a handle on our repository in the wake of turnover.

If your url is then you are not using self hosted.

Otherwise ask the company you work for. A community forum is not going to be able to answer that with the severe lack of information you provide.