How do I make my pipeline run on my windows self-hosted runner

I have a self-hosted shared windows CI runner. I can see it registered as online in my account. It has tags windows-10 and lv2020

I am trying to get a new CI job running that just calls a local powershell script. My pipeline is erroring out saying I need to add credit card info to get access to cloud runners, but I only want to use my local runner.

Here is the script I am trying to get running, I thought the matching tags would force the job to use my runner, but looks like I am still missing something.

stages:          # List of stages for jobs, and their order of execution
  - build

build-job:       # This job runs in the build stage, which runs first.
    - windows-10
    - lv2020
  stage: build
    - echo "Running the Script..."
    - powershell -Command "& './infra/build-script.ps1