How pass dotenv file to my deployment using AutoDevOps

Recently I was deployed a EKS cluster and connect it with our group, I already deployed some examples and templates from Gitlab and all works fine.

Now I’ll want to deploy my Node.js based app. I set STAGING_ENABLED because I’m interest on have a pod for staging and another for production. I’m using dotenv to set some environment variables with some secrets and hosts for some services that my app is using.

My question is: I have two dotenv files one for staging and another for production. Which is the better way to pass/copy this files into my build/deployment process?

My .gitlab-ci.yml is so simple like this:


  - template: Auto-DevOps.gitlab-ci.yml

We have a similar question. What’s the best way to pass variables into a staging deployment?

I know this subject is rather old, but I wonder if you managed to find a solution, and if you can share it with us ?