How renew greenlock-express certificates forcefully at any time?

I have CA certificates files in “greenlock.d/live/URL_PATH/”. It’s expiration date is Aug 2022.

But I want to renew them right now to check whether they are renewing or not. Please suggest me how can I renew them at any time?

What I have done:

I have tried number of solutions like:

  • Tried Some commands
  • Changing renewal time (“renewAt”) in “greenlock.d/config.json”



'use strict';

var app = function(req, res) {
    res.end('Hello, Encrypted World!');

module.exports = app;


'use strict';

var beapp = require('./app.js');

        packageRoot: __dirname,
        maintainerEmail: "EMAIL_ID",
        configDir: './greenlock.d',
        cluster: true
    // .serve(beapp);
function httpsWorker(glx) {
    var httpsServer = glx.httpsServer(null, beapp);
    httpsServer.listen(443, "", function () {"Listening on ", httpsServer.address());


  "defaults": {
    "store": {
      "basePath": "./greenlock.d",
      "module": "greenlock-store-fs"
    "challenges": {
      "http-01": {
        "module": "acme-http-01-standalone"
    "renewOffset": "-45d",
    "renewStagger": "3d",
    "accountKeyType": "EC-P256",
    "serverKeyType": "RSA-2048",
    "subscriberEmail": "EMAIL_ID"
  "sites": [
      "subject": "URL_PATH",
      "altnames": [
      "renewAt": 1