How to add a new language jargon or dialect within a language for translation?

I created the Issue “Add language jargon variants within a language, e.g. developer jargon terminology vs. ordinary, simpler terminology” to add a language variant within German:

  • one German containing all technical expected terms (in Denglish like Board, Dashborad, Support Desk etc.)
  • one Germen more akin to German mother language or ordinary, simpler terminology (Planung, Zeigwerk, Hilfsbereitschaft etc.)
  • or later one could even add a language dialect etc.

Is it already thougt of? Can this be done?

How can this be done?

Or must there be a voting befor introducing a language dialect ?

Thank you for forwarding this issue to the right people or for your help
cheers, Andreas


That’s a good idea!

Is there currently a way to base a translation on another one (and keep it in sync)? Like when a translation is missing, it defaults to english. But why not to another language? So we only translate the variations from it.

This is very useful (necessary?) for this proposal to yield results without massive work duplication and inconsistencies.
But also to support language variants. Like french from France and french Canadian. German from Germany, Austria and Swiss. The variants for Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and English also. So a huge chuck of the world population.