How to add links to JIRA issues retroactively?

I have migrated my git repo from another platform to GitLab, and have (successfully) configured the integration with JIRA.

The problem is that old commits that have mentions of JIRA issues in their messages do not provide the link to the issue. With the new commits (those that were made after the migration) it works as expected. (The JIRA stays the same as before the migration, the issue id looks the same).

How can I add the links to JIRA issues to the old commits?

@abronnikov, I have experienced same problem after migrating my repo from svn to git. Only new commits gets the jira issue updated.
Even though I do a new push containing older commits, I still don’t see the jira issues referencing these commits.
However, I push a new commit, the referencing works well.

Is it possible to add links retroactively to older commits ?