How to add pipeline owner details in Slack Notification

I have enabled that Slack Webhook Service, which reports pipeline status updates in Slack.

That works fine, but I want to include the pipeline owner (the person triggering the pipeline, such as the person pushing changes to a branch or creating a new pipeline manually…)

Ideally, I’d like to be able to read this in Slack, so that I can use it further there (I would be super grateful if you could also provide any hint as to how to go about doing that on the Slack side of things, but that’s a bonus thank you :slight_smile: )

Many thanks and if I should provide more context, please let me know.

Hi @S.P

Is it the Slack notifications service that you are using? For me, the user that triggered the pipeline is sent along, and the notification looks a bit like this:

Sarah Mount (snim2)
Pipeline #123456780 has passed in 06:01
Branch                      Commit
100-branch-name             COMMIT MESSAGE...
REPO_NAME | 21 Mar