How to add the requirements menu in issues menu

I have several projects created and I would like to add the requirements submenu to the issues menu on the left, but I can’t find a way to add it.
Could you tell me what I should configure in the projects to have it?
Thank you

You cannot edit the menus. They are not customisable.

Thanks for the answer, but I don’t want to edit the menus but rather know how to add the feature to my projects in the issues menu

Hi, can you maybe add some screenshots to show what you mean on where you want to add this stuff and where you’d expect or like it to be? I’m having trouble trying to understand what you are trying to achieve, and it isn’t clear in what you are writing.

Hi. Sorry if I didn’t explain myself well.
What I want is to add the requirements menu to the issues menu, as for example it is in the Spring project template:

I’m guessing that may be a paid subscription feature or it seems to be here: Requirements management | GitLab

Requires Ultimate subscription. That currently costs $99 per user per month. So if you buy that subscription for all your users, then you’ll have access to it.

Thanks for the clarification

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I have spoken with the person in charge of my company and they have told me that a plan has been contracted with gitlab.
Can you tell me how I can find out if the plan has these feature?
Thank you.

If you have Ultimate plan, then you would have this feature. This page shows the differences between Free, Pro and Ultimate: Pricing | GitLab

The link I previously provided for the Resources, shows that it is in the Ultimate plan.

Unfortunately, the majority of people here a community members, so you would need to contact Gitlab directly by opening a support ticket:

If the person in charge at your company cannot tell you what plan they purchased, then perhaps you can find out from the Gitlab Support team.

Thank you so much.
We have contracted the PRO plan and we are not contemplating going to Ultimate. I am a small company.