How to address multiple artifacts during a "copy file" deployment?

I have a job that creates a list of files, and I have this list specified as the artifacts in the build job.

In the deploy job in the same pipeline, I would like to either

  1. iterate over the declared artifacts from the job in a copy script, or
  2. download the artifacts .zip file to a subfolder and use that folder in the copy script.

There does not seem to be a way to do option 1, and when I try to do option 2, (from a subsequent job in the same pipeline) that api request generates a 404.

I cannot re-declare the artifacts list as a space-separated list in shell because the developers would have to update that list in two places in two ways, and that would be prone to issues. I also cannot put the built artifacts in a subfolder (without re-declaring the list outside of the artifacts declaration)