How to ask questions about Gmsh

I want to ask a question about Gmsh using the Sign in · GitLab interface. But it won’t let me register because I don’t have a GitLab administrator. It seems silly to become an administrator when all I want to do is ask a question, so how can I get past the block?

That is a Gitlab installation self-managed by - you would have to contact them. Nobody here can help you with that if they have configured their installation that doesn’t allow registration to complete successfully. Most likely the situation you encountered means their Gitlab Admin has to accept and enable your account that you registered.

To ask questions you need to have a valid user, which means you have to register. That is the same on even github too.

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Thanks, I’ll go look at onelab.

The oneinfo page, also links here: but I believe all you have to do is wait for their Gitlab Admin to check/verify/accept your account before you can login. So you may just have to wait for them to do that.

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I registered with ONELAB, so eventually one of them will allow me to ask questions. The error was “Your Gitlab Admin”, so maybe that’s anybody on the web site. Since I don’t have a Gitlab account, I can’t imagine there is any admin associated with my email address.

Pretty amazing set of software systems you are running though. Very impressive for both number of huge projects and global community. All I want to do is ask a dumb question on one of those projects. I really appreciate your help!

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