How to automatically keep opening merge requests from master to development branch?

Let’s say we have a stable master branch and a development branch. Ideally we would want to keep the master branch almost always fully merged into the development branch, but let’s say that it’s sufficient to do this once per week.

Every now and then someone introduces a merge conflict between the two branches, and we would like to resolve those as soon as possible. Being notified immediately after committing something to master that no longer merges cleanly into development would be ideal.

I figured out that I can open a merge request from master to development. That has an unexpected awesome feature: whenever something is changed in either of those branches that prevents a clean merge, I receive an email. I wanted to create a “permanent merge request” and misusing for getting notifications about merge conflicts, but as soon as someone merges the branches, the merge request gets closed.

What would be the best way to automatically keep opening a new merge request as soon as there is something to be merged (and one doesn’t exist yet), and then merge it either manually or automatically once per week? Or any other solution that keeps notifying you about newly introduced merge conflicts?

Maybe create a CI job that gets executed every time something gets committed to master of development, and creates a merge request if one doesn’t exist yet via some API calls?