How to configure multiple URLs for GitLab?

Dear all,

our GitLab is internally available as

Accesses from outside our network run through a reverse proxy and to make that work, the URL must have a distinct first element like, or

How can I configure GitLab (Community Edition) to be available under multiple URLs?

Thanks for any hint or pointer


This should be doable if you hand-code the NGINX config files. I found this looking for a solution to use the Omnibus gitlab.rb to configure support for different hostnames and mapping different cert files to each hostname. I don’t get the impression it’s doing with the Omnibus. I’ve asked a few times on Gitter too, with no reply there.

Hello, any update on this? We too needed to have this kind of setup due to our self-hosted hosted giltab is only accessible internally. But we need a way where we can connect to it publicly with restriction of course. We have implemented JIRA integration that connects from external server to our gitlab instance.

@drosera Did you perhaps find a solution to this?

No update from our side, sorry, In the meantime GitLab supports URLs with a subdirectory. Hence this request is not directly relevant any more for us. Our current issues are more about how to proxy from to https://gitlab.internal/ as lined out in this [] issue and this [Reverse-proxying relative URL to root URL results in 404 errorpage] thread.