How to configure UFT with GitLab

Hello, we are trying to integrate UFT with GitLab following this document - https://c
Can you please let us know how we can integrate our UFT project in GitLab as I couldn’t able to found any proper document for that. We are using shared runner so when we are running the pipeline that is mentioned in this link provided above we are getting error as Add-content command not found. can you please help us on these problems.

From seeing this, similar to this post: How to integrate Gitlab with UFT - #2 by iwalker

You are attempting to run Windows Powershell commands in a Linux container. The bash error on line 26 shows this. Ask the UFT community to explain how it should be done correctly. From the link you provided you should have a Gitlab Runner on Windows. But the link doesn’t explain much more, either way, this is a UFT problem.

Hi iwalker, thank you for your reply, I am using shared runner here, does UFT work only with local runner? Can you please provide a better document to integrate UFT with GitLab, I can’t find any other document over the internet for the same.

Shared runners are Linux based as far as I am aware so that won’t work for you. On the link you provided was a youtube video on how to install Gitlab Runner on Windows, so you will need to create yourself a server/VM with Windows + Gitlab Runner and connect this to your project. That most likely will be explained in the youtube video, or you can follow the Gitlab docs for installing and configuring a runner.