How to connect Gmail to Gitlab servicedesk

Can someone clarify how to connect an Gmail-account to the Servicedesk in the SaaS version of Gitlab?

I have setup the servicedesk, which generates a very long fixed emailaddress. Something like Although the functionality of sending and replying is working, the address itself is not very client-friendly.

I would rather like to use as the emailaddress. We connected this to Gmail. Works just fine, clients send to service@ and get replies from service@.

Now ideally I would like Gitlab to connect to Gmail IMAP en fetch the mails. And when replying to a ticket, it should go to Gmail smtp. That way the clients doesn’t notice that Gitlab is used.

In the manuals and other sources, I can’t find clear answers on how to do this in the SaaS version.

Can anyone explain if and how this can be done?