How to convert a LDAP user to a standard user

If a user left my organisation (where members are authorized by ldap) and should still get access to his stuff at our gitlab instance, I want to convert him to a standard user and change his email.
I’ve done it before as administrator by changing email adres and deleting LDAP identity of the users account, but it seems that this does not work anymore. The primary email adres cannot be changed.
There is also the same unanswered question from March17: Convert LDAP user to local gitlab user
I can add the new email as a secondary email, but cannot change the primary email (which is the only email which can be used for login - besides the user name - and is exclusively used for login and password recovery).

Looks like a regression since 12.8. Might be fixed by revert of a feature in 12.10:


Workaround is also available, if you cant wait for 12.10:


@NikolausDemmel was right. In 12.10 I’m able to change the primary email. Thx.

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