How to create new Gitlab user for Jenkins integration

I am following the official Gitlab tutorial to integrate with a Jenkins CI server. I am using the hosted Gitlab at, and self-hosted (on-prem) Jenkins.

Step 1 in the tutorial is to create a new Gitlab user, for use by Jenkins. I logged out of Gitlab and went to register a new user at the main Gitlab sign-in page.

I hit a roadblock because the registration requires a new email address that is not registered already. I have already registered my work and personal email addresses with my main Gitlab account.

I feel like I’m missing something or making an incorrect assumption here. Eg. Am I creating the right kind of Gitlab user? It feels like maybe I’m supposed to create a sub-user of some sort (this would also mean I wouldn’t be charged an additional $4/mo for this Jenkins user).

If anybody has any ideas or suggestions, I’d appreciate it.