How to deal with Gitlab down times?

how can we deal with downtimes at ? My entire team is blocked from working the entire day already, then it says it may last 3 days, is that a joke ?

However, what the measures I can take apart from moving back to Github or self-hosting? And if someone knows: is this going to happen now on a weekly basis? The down-times are summing up now more frequently and I am out of advice…

There was only a very brief downtime yesterday, as they updated the website to the 8.4.0 rc. And none so far today. The maintenance message you are seeing both on the website, and coming back from git shouldn’t actually be preventing you from pushing.

ah, now I see, its just the message but its still committing. Alright, thank you!

it keeps saying: Microsoft Azure is performing maintenance between 13 Jan 16:00 UTC
remote: and 16 Jan 16:00 UTC. This may cause up to 15 minutes of outage.
all day long already but ok!

There does seem to have been more downtime this year than last, but it looks like the team is aware and are evaluating options: