How to delete Commit Statuses


We’re using theGitLab Merge Request plugin for Jenkins based on the latest code at Yesterday, we killed a Merge Request in Jenkins which has left a commit with a couple of statuses on it (we can see them at http://host/api/v4/projects/21/repository/commits/8d62d524db082d14a4acc53a0f444aa95c8ff1b3/statuses).

The Jenkins plugin won’t kick off another merge if it GitLab says that there are outstanding statuses.

Is there a way to remove the Commit Statuses from GitLab? I had a look at the gitlab-rails console and ran CommitStatus.find(1049).delete! and now the gitlab-rails console can’t find them. But curling the URL above still shows them. I’ve restarted GitLab and they are still showing via the URL.

Many thanks.