How to delete projects immediately?

Deletion pending. This project will be removed on 2020-01-21. Repository and other project resources are read-only.

This feature is intended to protect us, but I do need to delete some projects immediately.
I didn’t find any configs useful in gitlab.rb.
Anyone can help?

Thank you


As you talk about gitlab.rb, I assume this is on a self-hosted installation?

How are you deleting projects?

When I go to “Settings”/“General”/“Advanced”/“Remove project”, the projects are deleted immediately (more or less, it might take a few seconds).


It may related to free trial of GitLab-EE

I get this option might be appealing for some users but making it default and then not allowing it to be overridden is a real pain.

The rename workaround is a good idea but unfortunately doesn’t work if you’re mirroring repositories from GitHub.

Is there another way to override this?

Currently I have to wait a week before I’m able to re-import my repository.


This is very stupid feature. I was just evaluating a GitLab as a pipeline for github projects. Imported through different user seat, wanted to change by removing and reimporting the projects and started to get this problem. What a set back - I think I will have to advise the CEO to look elsewhere. This does not protect anything, as the code is hosted on github. It is just annoying paid version bug.

Even after renaming the “slug” remains blocked:

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Thanks for the feedback! Here is an issue that proposes a way to enable over-riding the default “soft delete” behavior so that a project/group can be immediately deleted.

Please check it out and contribute additional use cases and/or needs that should be taken into consideration as we iterate on this feature.

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