How to design CICD pipeline

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Problem to solve

Hi All,
We are doing Micro services api migration from on premises clusters to Cloud AKS , I need to migrate 11 applications.
which has 3 environments in dev , 3 environments in IT2 , 3 environments in IT2 and one env in prod . So there will be multiple Ingress Gateways (around 42 )I need to manage
How I can manage effectively , I have pipeline to deploy Ingress Gateway separately . How to design this scenario
we are using helm for deploying this Istio Ingress Gateway , Need some suggestions
we are using GItlab for CICD , the Ingress gateway pipeline , whether I need call as parent child ? or Multi Project pipeline ?
please suggest the design ?

A great place to start would be the Gitlab documentation: Get started with GitLab CI/CD | GitLab

It even gives some example tutorials - simple and complex pipelines to show you how it could work for you.