How to disable emoji?


I have a big trouble on Gitlab, like many french writer. In french typography, we must add a space before a colon and we are used to do it. And we use really often the colon… However, doing this in Gitlab opens emoji’s window and is autocompletion, which leads to a lot of annoyance, writing errors and wasted time. And emoji are not really useful to write ticket.

So, how I can disable emoji on my Gitlab, or at least how can I replace the trigger with another less used character ?


Hi, there doesn’t seem to be an option for it, and changing the trigger isn’t possible either, mainly because the standard for all emojis with eyes are the colon, and have been for like 30 years or more.

see the above issue that has been raised. If you wish, it would be best to thumbs up the posts to make sure Gitlab know that people are interested in this feature - since the more people voting it up, means that it has more chance of being integrated so that the menu trigger can be disabled or some other way of bypassing it.

As of right now it seems, you can only type the colon and then press ESC key to close the emoji menu.

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Thanks you for answer ! I add my vote, and I start a communication plan to show this issue at french people :slight_smile:

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I’m here for a different reason: sometimes I like to add old-style emoticons to my GitLab text, like :). When I press the :, I get the auto-complete. My temptation is to press Esc, but if I’m in a a comment on an MR, then GitLab thinks I want to abort the comment. Because both Enter and Tab accept the auto-complete, I have been unable to find anyway to write a line-ending :) in an MR comment. :frowning:

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I have the same issue! :frowning: No usefull work-around found yet.