How to disable gitlab constant polling?

I remember asking support a couple years ago, and it was not possible yet to disable the polling on every gitlab pages (issues, merge requests)

I would really like a way to cut this polling, because it’s using unnecessary network data and cpu for me
If I ever want to refresh a page, I’d do it, I don’t need realtime updates
Can we make it possible to opt out of realtime changes, as this be a configuration (at any level, either project or user)? please!

Hi, I found your original post here: How to stop real-time changes polling in issues and merge-requests pages?

Unfortunately, it’s only available to change at server level, so for your own installation: Polling interval multiplier | GitLab

It cannot be changed on since you are not the admin of If you are looking for it to be implemented on then it would be better to open an issue here about it: Issues · / GitLab · GitLab since Gitlab devs do not frequent the forums, and concentrate with issues that have been opened on the Gitlab project itself.

By opening an issue, means other people can vote on it, and the more interest that is seen, the more chance of it being implemented. Whether it is possible for it to be done on a project level or group level though remains to be seen, but that would only come about once an issue has been opened for it.

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Thanks, there it is [Feature] Allow to disable real time updates (#356720) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab

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