How to disable notifications for all members for a project


The Gitlab documentation for notifications states:

The project owner (or it’s group owner) can disable email notifications for the project. If this is the case, you will not receive any corresponding notifications, and the notification button will be disabled with an explanatory tooltip.

Which is exactly what I would like to do (disable notifications for all members for a single project), however I cannot find the setting anywhere in the project, group or admin settings.

This is for a self-hosted instance, but I can also not find the configuration on

Could somebody please point me to the right place to configure this? Hopefully I’m just missing something completely obvious.


With help from IRC, I found the setting at the very bottom of the Settings -> General -> Visibility, project features, permissions section of the project (or group).

My inability to locate it stemmed from not realising that it was a brand new feature (12.2) and my Self-Hosted instance being a minor version behind.