How to disable some automatic TODOs?


I’m owning many repositories and I’m also declared as an approver of many repositories. This feature is useful. However, everytime someone creates a MR, I get this todo action : xxx set as an approver for yyyyyy. As they just created the MR, it’s not useful… Instead, I wait they move MR to “Ready” and then it’s useful to review, not before. To sum up, we can see this TODO action as a notification everytime someone opens a MR. I’m not sure, but I think I also get this notification someone push a new commit.

How to disable this TODO action spamming my todo list ? I spend my time clicking on “Mark as done” as it’s definitely not useful. It would be great to custom TODO actons in your profile. Many we can already ? I didn’t find it.


Heya and welcome to Gitlab community,

Have you checked this part of gitlab docs, where you can filter TODO list by a specific type of filter.

Thank you @alhemicar

Yes I did but there is no action corresponding to “set you as an approuver”. I did try all actions but no one list then these todo actions. Moreover, it doesn’t really solve the issue as it still implies to “Mark as done”.