How to embed issues in jekyll content?

Hi - is there a jekyll plugin that makes it convenient to display the most recent issues
in a custom page? We would like some garnish for the graphviz site being moved to gitlab.

This will probably require some javascript and API access, as jekyll can only generate sites statically, which means if you get a list of recent issues, that will be frozen in time until the next time you re-generate your site.

By using custom javascript code you can query the API and get that list, and print it to the user on the fly

Thank you - I understand the general idea but not all the details.

Do you happen to know a small example that shows getting a few recent project issues through the API? I assume we do not need to embed a PRIVATE-TOKEN in our project as
suggested in since the project is world-readable,
or we can embed a generic PRIVATE-TOKEN to get read access GET /issues

Also I wonder about making it look good in jekyll, but in a worst case I can reverse engineer
the existing web page and patch in my content programmatically. If you have advice about a more sophisticated way to approach this, please let me know!

Stephen North graphviz project

Doesn’t look like you can list issues without being authenticated:

Disclosing an API token is not advised. Your other alternative would be building “a service” that interacts with the API and returns the data you need without disclosing the token. This would be out of scope of jekyll or any static site generation tool.