How to enable authenticator app in settings page?

tl;dr I don’t see a way to setup a software 2nd factor (eg: no “add an app” prompt or anything).

This help article claims I should be a able to setup a software token (via an app like Google Authenticator), not only does it mention app usage but if has this line for step 2b:

Scan the code presented in GitLab with your device’s camera to add the entry automatically.

I don’t have a QR code presented on that settings page, just a list of hardware tokens I’ve setup previously, and a button to regenerate backup codes.

What am I missing?


Under My Profile → Preferences → Account if you see something like below then you already have it configured:

please note to add hardware tokens such as U2F device you must have already enabled 2FA since it’s not possible to add hardware tokens until this is done, also shown below:

if it’s not like above, then you can under Account set up 2FA, and then add hardware tokens, just like I did. If it is like above and you don’t remember your 2FA, but still are logged in and have access to your account, then you can disable it and set it up again. It may need you to remove and re-add your hardware tokens though.

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